Friday, June 02, 2006

Sawtooth IHC

Alex Williams, Lance Eacret, Pete Skrief and yours truly, somewhere on the Payette National Forest, July, 2004.

I spent four summers on the Sawtooth Hotshots, four of the best summers of my life. During that time I worked harder than I ever had before, watched my body break down only to heal and break down again, saw places in this country that few people have ever seen, learned about myself, made a good amount of money, grew up, and made some of the best friends on the planet.

This is my first summer since 2000 that I will not be involved in fighting forest fires in some way, and I miss it tremendously. I don't miss the heavy gear, the crappy food, or my feet rotting off. I miss my friends, plain and simple. Right now some of them are in Utah on a fire, some are in Idaho, some Montana, some Alaska, and some (like me) have left the fire business altogether.

This picture is for them, and for me.


Peter said...

We were so far in front of the dig show it wasn't even funny.

Mark said...

Yeah, I hear you mate, hope Alaska is nice. I've been to Ketchikan,.. beautiful! Peace always.

Mark Coburn